Since 22 years KA Sail has been at the forefront of developing windsurfing sails that deliver great performance and serious fun for riders of all abilities.

Our Mission…

Stay in the lead as designers of high quality, high performance products. We want our customers to have as much fun as we have. We will never make a sail that you won’t like and we will back that up all the way.

Passion and knowledge

We believe in potential, not in limits. That is why we pursue technological and aesthetic perfection through continuous innovation. Our passion for windsurfing and knowledge of high performance windsurfing technology is contained within every KA designed product. We believe in helping windsurfers of all skill levels to find more joy and success in windsurfing.


KA Sail is the developer and owner of the industry standard McSail design software. This gives us the expertise to translate the requirements of our professional riders into designs that make real people feel like pro’s. Whether you are a beginning recreational windsurfer or a highly competitive racer, our equipment will improve your windsurfing experience. Our sails have been optimized for easy handling, great performance and high levels of control.

How it all started…

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The KA Sail Commercial Headquarter is based in The Netherlands; the Loft and Design Department are based in Perth, Western Australia, and in Melbourne.


Ondernemingsweg 2U
2404 HN Alphen a/d Rijn
The Netherlands

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