Where can I buy KA Sail products?

Please visit the Where to buy page to see if there is a reseller in your area. If you cannot find a reseller in your area, you can visit our webshop listed on the Where to buy page and buy your products directly online.

Can I use other mast brands in my KA Sails?

Yes this is possible, but to ensure 100% performance we recommend the KA masts that the sails have been designed for. Go for constant curve masts and avoid hard top masts.

What is the best option for the newer style Quad wave boards?

The Killer with its slightly more compact outline, will deliver the drive you need to accelerate the Quad boards through the turns and it has a soft enough response on the top turn to be very forgiving.

Should I choose Kult or Kaos for my wave sails? I’m 90kg and not the quickest to get into plané?

Kaos is our dedicated wave sail. Kult has been designed more for Bump and Jump conditions but can however be also used in the waves. The skin tension is a little higher in the Kult; in other words, it gives a more “locked in” feeling with the power designed to be more forward in the sail compared to the Kaos. We often hear that our heavier customers like the 5.8 or 6.4 Kult for the lighter wave days, but then have the Kaos for the sizes below this.

If I use the cam conversion set for my Koncept with my RDM mast. What sizes do you recommend to try this on?

The Koncept sails are delivered standard with RDM cams on the 4.2 up to 5.0 sails; the 5.4 and up will be supplied with SDM cams but can be adapted with the conversion set. We have had good feedback up till the 7.5 sizes with RDM cams.

I particularly like the extra stability that a camber sail gives me; should I choose Koncept or KARace?

Koncept is our long proven sail, loved by speed surfers, slalom racers and free ride surfers. Everything about the Koncept is easy. Rigging/de-rigging is a breeze with the 3 camber set-up and moderate width of the luff sleeve.  The moderate luff curve makes it easy to downhaul. KARace has been designed for 100% racing. This means the skin tension and stability is higher, which achieves a little more luff curve, with 8 battens and 4 cambers. The lower aspect outline ensures power down low and heaps of acceleration. More progressive leach twist-off for top end conditions.

I’m a freestyler; what sail should I choose?

Killer or Kryptonite; both these new wave sail ranges will work great for freestyle. We have focussed on making them very balanced, so in transitions there is no negative pull to throw you out. The foot is slightly higher than compared to the Kaos, making duck maneuvers simple. Good acceleration gets you planing and up to speed quickly. With a forward draft in the sail, it is well balanced and drives nicely of the leach tension. It has power and “pop” when you need it and “powers off” when you need it in the transitions.

I have a freestyle/wave board and want a sail which I can use on both flat water and in waves. What sail should I choose?

The Kult is the “All Terrain” sail in our range. This sail will work great if you want a more locked-in sail with good draft stability or if you are a slightly heavier rider. It will perform on flat water and in smaller waves. The foot is a little lower when compared to Killer and Kaos, and it delivers a more stable ride. The Killer and Kryptonite are new to our wave line.

The Killer is a full XPly sail that delivers a slightly more forward pull compared to the Kaos. Whereas the Kryptonite has been built in mostly Monofilm with 2 mil XScrim. The foot of both types of sails is also slightly higher and we minimised the weight to make it very easy through transitions. These sails are great if you want to throw your sail around for freestyle or simply just want a really balanced wave sail.

The Kaos is our dedicated wave sail as it has been for many years. It has been built in a rugged XPly construction and compared to the Killer, the draft is a little further back. This sail has a really easy and smooth power delivery, simply sheet in or out to turn the power on or off.

There are 2 eyelets in my sail; which one should I use?

In general for all our sails the bottom eyelet will give you a little more control, and you will be able to sail in higher wind or more demanding choppy conditions. Using the lower eyelet allows the sail to open up and breathe a little more. Taller persons might find the top eyelet better and smaller persons might like the bottom eyelet better. In the end it all comes down to personal preference.

If you can’t find your question above, please get in contact and let us know what we can do for you!

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