Kama 2013

Kama Overview

As passionate Windsurfers one of our most satisfying experiences is introducing new people to our wonderful sport. While doing this we become acutely aware of the critical role appropriate equipment has to the ease and enjoyment of learning how to windsurf.

Recognising that we need to play our part, KA has introduced a new sail range specifically designed for the entry level free ride market; sails that will enhance the learning experience and take sailors well beyond. We introduce the “Kama”!

With a 4 batten layout the Kama is a fusion of KA’s renowned high performance and simple user friendliness. When teamed with our 40% Carbon SDM or RDM masts the result is a light handling rig that is just plain “easy”. Easy to rig, easy to up-haul, easy to water start and easy to jibe. The perfect choice for beginners and entry level sailors.

The KA Kama, expect much more than your normal beginner rig!

Kama Specifications

Size Luff Boom Mast Head
3.5 345 144 340/15 Fixed
4.5 391 165 370/17 Fixed
5.5 427 181 400/19 Fixed
6.5 448 194 430/21 Fixed
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