Kaos 2012

Kaos Overview

Since the 1990′s the Kaos has been the precision tool of choice for discerning wave sailors.

Its ability to provide power on demand, yet remain neutral on the wave face, are highly sought after qualities which allow riders to remain perfectly in control, placing themselves on the wave with pin-point accuracy. On the wave it has a smooth forgiving power transition from the bottom turn into the top turn. It’s not hard to understand why for more than a decade this sail has been held in such high esteem.

For 2012 we have given this precision tool a sharper edge. If you look past the eye-catching new graphics, you will find a host of refinements that take us to a new level of performance. Luff curve, seam shaping and batten tapers have been tweaked to refine the balance and power delivery.

Twin eyelets have given the Kaos an even greater range with the bottom setting opening up the lower leech, increasing its performance in higher winds. The clew reinforcements have been improved to ensure its ability to survive even the harshest wipe-outs and the use of high-tech materials in the luff and leech has reduced weight.

There is little doubt that Kaos rules the Waves!

Kaos Specifications

Size Luff Boom Mast Head
3.3 359 141 340/15 Adjustable
3.7 375 148 370/17 Adjustable
4.2 393 159 370/17 Adjustable
4.7 409 168 400/19 Fixed
5.0 420 170 400/19 Fixed
5.3 429 174 400/19 Fixed
5.7 438 180 430/21 Fixed
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