KARace 2012

KARace Overview

Our design brief for the KaRace was simple, create a sail that allows any racer to reach his or her full potential. As such we are constantly developing, testing and refining this sail line. The 2012 KaRace represents a significant step forward in all aspects of performance and it is poised to set the Worlds race courses alight.

With 8 Carbon/Composite battens and 4 cambers the set-up is a “full blooded” race sail, created solely to win. No compromises have been made. With the slightly lower aspect outline we have gained a lot of acceleration and constant drive without sacrificing control and handling, while the draft stability remains something to behold. A host of details have been tweaked resulting in higher overall levels of performance and durability.

  • The 2012 KaRace has truly come of age,
  • Multiple refinements to seam shaping and twist improve the speed and acceleration,
  • A slightly more compact plan form puts more sail in the power zone, improving low end pull and overall wind range while reducing drag,
  • Swing weight has been reduced through material selection.

The stunning new graphic design means you will not go unnoticed on the Race course!

KARace Specifications

Size Luff Boom Mast Head
5.5 410 176 400/19 Fixed
6.3 437 191 430/21 Fixed
7.1 466 203 460/25 Fixed
7.9 486 217 460/25 Fixed
8.7 508 229 490/29 Fixed
9.4 526 239 520/33 Fixed
9.8 537 245 520/33 Fixed
10.8 563 259 550/36 Fixed
11.8 585 271 550/36 Fixed
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