KARace 2013

KARace Overview

Our vision for the flagship of the KA performance range is simple. Create a sail that allows any serious racer to reach his or her full potential. Because of this vision, we are constantly developing, testing and refining.

With 8 Carbon/Composite battens and 4 cambers, the KARace set-up is a “full blooded” professional level race sail created solely to win; no compromises have been made. A powerful lower foil provides huge amounts of power and acceleration, while the slippery upper profile minimizes drag delivering limitless top end speed. A relatively high foil tension teamed with the carbon/composite battens and 4 cambers enable draft stability levels that simply have to be experienced to be believed.

For 2013, rather than massive radical changes, we have made multiple small tweaks and improvements to the highly successful 2012 design which combined push the performance level even higher. The result is a lighter feel with a bit less pull from up-high making the sail easier to lock down, especially in rougher water. Stiffer materials in the upper luff sleeve have impacted the mast bend and leech twist for a lighter feel and enhanced acceleration, speed and stability.

  • Multiple refinements to seam shaping and twist improve speed, and acceleration,
  • Material changes in the high load areas help refine the foil tension and enhance stability and top end speed,
  • This uncompromised racing thoroughbred will allow you to reach your goals.

KARace, bred to win!

KARace Specifications

Size Luff Boom Mast Head
5.5 410 176 400/19 Fixed
6.3 437 191 430/21 Fixed
7.1 466 203 460/25 Fixed
7.9 486 217 460/25 Fixed
8.7 508 229 490/29 Fixed
9.4 526 239 520/33 Fixed
9.8 537 245 520/33 Fixed
10.8 563 259 550/36 Fixed
11.8 585 271 550/36 Fixed
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