Killer 2012

Killer Overview

The Killer is back! Not seen since 1999, the KA Killer has been reborn and set free. This sail compliments the 2012 Kaos beautifully and offers sailors an alternative wave sail with differences in power delivery and feel.

The Killer has been designed to have the drive balanced between the hands and a little lower. Increasing the overall shaping has resulted in loads of bottom end power. You could say it is more like a Euro wave sail suited for cross onshore and onshore conditions, but in fact this sail will work anywhere. If you like a constant drive balanced between the hands, which also delivers a little more board pressure and grip when wave riding, then the Killer is your answer.

Although not quite a Jekyll and Hyde character, this Killer does possess two personalities. In its alter ego it performs as a highly admirable Freestyle sail, perfect for pulling off all of the latest moves.

• An all NEW sail for 2012,
• Higher foot compared to the KAOS for radical maneuvers,
• A more compact outline and lighter weight,
• Additional seam shaping provides awesome low-down power,
• Full XPly construction for maximum durability and soft feel,
• Ideal for onshore wave riding and freestyle,
• Larger sizes are perfect for SUP sailing.

Killer Specifications

Size Luff Boom Mast Head
3.3 335 141 340/15 Adjustable
3.7 371 148 370/17 Adjustable
4.2 388 159 370/17 Adjustable
4.7 406 167 400/19 Fixed
5.0 415 170 400/19 Fixed
5.3 426 175 400/19 Fixed
5.6 442 179 430/21 Fixed
6.2 460 186 430/21 Fixed
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