Koncept 2012

Koncept Overview

Koncept holds the fastest ever 5X10 second recorded speed for a production sail, beating the previous best time which was also held by a Koncept. A record to be very proud of, which we are of course, but we have not become complacent. Our belief is that every sail can be improved and that is what we constantly strive for. In fact, the Koncept has just gone through its most rigorous development program since its introduction.

The noticeably lower aspect outline results in a more balanced foil. A constant, yet extremely refined power dynamic, is built into the sails. Any tendency to oversheet and stall has been eliminated. The seam shaping has again been “micro tuned” to optimise power and minimise drag.

The Koncept has retained all of its much loved features, like the simple 3 camber set up, slightly narrower luff sleeve, 7 batten lay-out and the super light and easy character. However, you will immediately recognize the added acceleration and superior performance at tighter sailing angles, all of this without sacrificing any of the Koncept’s much applauded downwind speed.

• This legendary Speed/Slalom sail is now better than ever,
• Noticeable change to the plan form with the sail becoming more compact,
• More sail area down in the power zone improves both bottom end power and acceleration,
• Slightly less sail area in the head reduces drag,
• Slightly longer boom lengths provide more backhand feel, especially in the smaller sizes. This reduces the risk of oversheeting and stalling,
• Some overall weight reduction and reduced swing weight has been achieved through material selection,
• Stunning new graphic design.

Koncept Specifications

Size Luff Boom Mast Head
4.0 357 155 340/15 Fixed
4.4 373 162 370/17 Fixed
5.0 395 173 370/17 Fixed
5.8 422 186 430/21 Fixed
6.6 449 199 430/21 Fixed
7.5 474 213 460/25 Fixed
8.5 501 228 490/29 Fixed
9.5 526 242 520/33 Fixed
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