Koyote 2012

Koyote Overview

The discerning freeride sailor demands a sail that is easy, comfortable and forgiving, while still maintaining an impressive overall performance and top end speed. The 2012 Koyote answers the challenge and in doing so continues to set the standard for no- cam freeride sails.

All the learnings from the ongoing Koncept R&D program have been applied to the Koyote. The foil is powerful in the lower half, delivering great planing power, while the progressive leech twist and slippery upper foil profile reduce drag delivering a blistering top end. Make no mistake, this is a seriously fast sail having topped 40 knots on numerous occasions.

The foil tension is sufficient for excellent draft stability when overpowered, yet the handling is soft enough for effortless manoeuvres and easy pumping. The sail can be locked down for straight line blasting and is beautifully balanced and predictable through transitions. The combination of carbon/composite tubes and glass rod battens maintain the draft location perfectly.

An intelligent mix of XPly and Monofilm in the construction combines durability with a crisp lively feel and blistering acceleration. Abrasion resistance enablers such as moulded soft edge on the foot and crossover batten, batten end protectors and a twin ply Dacron head panel, increase the sails longevity.

• This magic freeride sail continues to be refined,
• Some weight reduction is achieved through material selection,
• Monofilm has been introduced into the lower panels for a crisper feel, better acceleration and improved draft stability,
• Shaping tweaks provide more low-down power and improved overall performance.

Koyote Specifications

Size Luff Boom Mast Head
5.3 423 166 400/19 Fixed
5.9 441 178 430/21 Fixed
6.6 462 190 430/21 Fixed
7.4 483 205 460/25 Fixed
8.2 495 217 460/25 Fixed
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