Kryptonite 2013

Kryptonite Overview

When 4 batten wave sails first began to emerge on the scene, the KA Team resisted jumping straight on the band wagon. We wanted to be convinced that this new fashion had something genuine to offer the wave sailing community.

Well after 12 months of development and rigorous testing in West Australia and Maui we are completely sold. In fact, we are so impressed that we have also developed a 4 batten entry level free ride weapon to share the joy with developing sailors.

The Kryptonite is an incredibly lightweight machine with loads of power and is amazing through transitions. Hi tech 2mil tri-axial laminate is used in the upper panels for swing weight reduction and the Monofilm window panels provide perfect vision plus add a higher level of crispness and stability. This sail absolutely rips on the wave face!

  • Extreme light weight in a robust construction,
  • Monofilm window for clean vision and crisp gust response,
  • Additional seam shaping provides awesome low-down power,
  • Tweaked compact outline
  • Kryptonite, wave sailing from another world!

Kryptonite Specifications

Size Luff Boom Mast Head
3.3 359 141 340/15 Adjustable
3.7 375 148 370/17 Adjustable
4.2 393 159 370/17 Adjustable
4.7 409 168 400/19 Fixed
5.3 429 174 400/19 Fixed
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