Kult 2012

KULT Overview

Design a sail that is the ultimate bump and jump weapon, yet is just as comfortable playing around on flat water and in small waves. That was the brief and that is what we have delivered, an all-terrain guru.

Majority XPly construction gives you the confidence to take it onto the roughest tracks. Seam shaping in the bottom half of the foil supplies ample low-down power and there is just enough foil tension to provide high speed stability, yet still soft enough to allow snappy maneuvers. This combination of power and speed results in massive air time, while the striking new graphics will ensure you are noticed while reaching these new heights. Heavier or more power searching riders will especially enjoy the Kult, a sail that allows them to get the most out of any conditions.

• Remains our all-terrain sail but is geared a little more towards freeride,
• We lowered the foot making it easier to lock down,
• Shaping in the head is revised for cleaner twist,
• Some weight reduction achieved through material selection,
• Monofilm introduced in the lower panels for a crisper feel and improved draft stability,
• Small shaping refinements throughout improve overall performance.

Kult Specifications

Size Luff Boom Mast Head
4.7 414 168 400/19 Adjustable
5.3 439 179 400/19 Adjustable
5.8 450 186 430/21 Fixed
6.4 470 193 430/21 Fixed
7.0 486 193 460/21 Fixed
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