Our mission is to produce the highest possible Quality!


In co-operation with our Chinese Sailmakers, KA has set up a strict quality control program. Our partners are not only experts at their craft, but their trained eyes will pick up on any possible imperfection during the construction of the sails and the offending sail will not proceed.


Experienced Quality Control Staff members inspect every completed sail before it gets rolled up and stored in its sail bag prior to being boxed and shipped.

30 points for inspection

More than 30 points are carefully checked and ticked off on a detailed specification sheet. If all is okay, then both sail and specification sheet are signed by the dedicated Quality Control staff member.


During production, selected sail models and sizes are rigged by the Quality Control staff who check whether all the settings are correct and everything is 100% in line with our specifications.

Pre production samples

Before production proceeds, we will personally examine the PP samples (Pre Production) and go through every little detail. We certainly do not give the factory the production green light until we are totally satisfied that all specs have been met and the product is perfect!

Design team vs dedicated factory personnel

This close relationship between the Design team and the dedicated factory personnel is critical in achieving our goal of producing the highest quality products on the market.

Happy customers

We want our customers to be happy not only when they get their products and roll them out for the first time, but every time they use them over the following years.

Product longevity

The inner layers of materials, tapes and reinforcements are critically important to the longevity of the sails. We ensure this by outsourcing the best double sided tapes, threads, monofilm, Xply, Dacron and all reinforcing materials.

Quality is more than what you see from the outside!


Please feel free to email us with any questions or general feedback regarding quality. This feedback from our broad customer base is extremely important for us as we continue to develop and improve the KA Sail Range.

The KA Windsurfing Team

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