KA Sail SDM 75%

An extremely high performance mast, the SDM 75% is designed to get the most out of your sails with some added durabilty and affordability. Perfectly matched to our full sail range, these masts are especially suited for the Kult and Koyote, and for Koncept riders who do not feel they can justify a 100% Carbon mast.

As part of our intense Ka.RT (Ka Rig Technology) program, we have developed a unique lay-up for all of our masts. This enables us to optimise weight without sacrificing durability, resulting in a super responsive rig that flexes consistantly and reacts instantly. The mast bend curves are matched perfectly to our luff curves ensuring the sails behave exactly as the designers intended them to, and also twist and draft placement have been optimised.

If you desire high performance in a durable and affordable package, then this is the mast for you!

Size Carbon IMCS Bend Cruve Weight
400 75% 19 13,5% 1,5kg
430 75% 21 13,5% 1,7kg
460 75% 25 13,5% 1,8kg
490 75% 29 13,5% 2,0kg

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